Our Story

Our Story


On September 11, 2001, shock and fear spread across the country. On September 12, 2001, Operation Goody Bag was born in a classroom 20 miles from Ground Zero.

Students created heartfelt tributes dedicated to those who perished and those who served, and shared them with the community. However, their desire to “reach out” and “say thanks” eventually evolved into the gift of a paper lunch bag.

To date, 287,000 First Responders and military men & women have received hand colored Goody Bags, each filled with an inspirational poem, a personal letter of thanks and candies!  More than 250,000 Goody Bags connecting over 500,000 people supporting and appreciating the everyday sacrifices of those who keep us safe!

The first shipment contained 1,782 Goody Bags in all.